Nashville SQL Server User Group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to attend?

Nothing! Our meetings are free to attend. Our sponsors generously provide the meeting facilities, food, and beverages at no expense to us. So there is such a thing as a free lunch.

  • Do I have to RSVP?

    No, but we ask that you do. It helps us to better plan the amount food to have on hand. If you don't RSVP, then we may not have enough food for everyone.

  • Are the meetings a bunch of marketing hype?

    Absolutely not! These are technical presentations, by techies for techies.

  • What is a typical meeting like?

    Our meetings usually start with a 30-minute lunch provided by the meeting sponsor. During this time you can catch up with old friends and meet new ones over pizza, bar-b-que, or sandwiches. Then, a technical session is provided by someone within our community. It generally lasts about an hour. Ocassionally, we may have two shorter presentations instead. At some point during the meeting, our sponsor will spend about 5 minutes telling us about their products or services. We're thankful for their generousity so we give them our attention.

  • Are the meetings only for experts?

    No. If you have an interest in SQL Server, you are welcome and encouraged to come be a part of our community.

  • What kind of topics are presented?

    Our technical presentations are usually of interest to developers, database administrators, and business intelligence practitioners.

  • You say that members of the community present the technical sessions. Do I have to?

    Of course not. There are no requirements placed on anyone. However, we do encourage everyone to consider sharing from their experiences.










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